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LDPR Hosts Second Annual Social Media Summit

This month, LDPR hosted its second annual social media summit in New York City alongside digital media affiliate, Thin Pig Media, to discuss this ever-evolving space and it’s impact on travel.

January 29, 2019

This month, LDPR hosted its second annual social media summit in New York City alongside digital media affiliate, Thin Pig Media, to discuss this ever-evolving space and it’s impact on travel.

Held at The Dominick Hotel in SoHo, the full-day summit had over 50 international hotel and tourism board executives, media experts and travel industry professionals in attendance. Led by the agency’s in-house digital media team and experts from Thin Pig Media, the day’s festivities consisted of five integral parts, starting with a “state of social” trend report and followed by an analytics presentation by Sprout Social, an interactive food photography session and two prime panels on social media advertising and influencer marketing.

LDPR’s Digital Media Strategist, Jacky Becker and Thin Pig Media’s Social Media Strategist, Ben Rapson spoke to the trends of the current landscape, touching on brand expectations, the continued evolution of live video, customer engagement and the rise of monetization on social media.

Shawn McGaff (Director of Digital Media for Obolong Pixel), Brooke Sellas (Owner of B Squared Media) and Ben Rapson (Social Media Strategist for Thin Pig Media) shared their insights on social media advertising, discussing effective campaign strategy, SEO best practices and tips to create a targeted advertising campaign.

Andrew Caravella from the social media management platform, Sprout Social touched on measuring ROI, cross-channel strategies and shifting focus away from vanity metrics.

Chef Shaun Hergatt and photography expert Shawn McGaff led the group through an interactive lunch session, where they shared their tips and tricks for how to take the best Instagrammable food picture.

LDPR’s President, Laura Davidson moderated a panel on influencer marketing, the highly-anticipated subject of the day, where panelist Merv Bailey (CEO of SWAY media), Paavana Kumar (social media legal expert and Associate at Davis & Gilbert) and Alexa Mehraban (Influencer and Founder of @EatingNYC) joined her for an engaging discussion on influencer relations.

Key takeaways below:

Brand expectations: 1 out of every 5 minutes is spent on a social media network. As this space continues to rise, brands need to stand out from the noise by creating a customized identity that draws attention and creates connections.

TIP: Be bold. Add a voice to your channels that allows your followers to see the brand’s personality come to life.

Video continues to rise: In 2017, 74% of all Internet traffic consisted of video. In 2018, the number continued to rise. As video continues to be an implemental part of the social media space, it’s important for brands to adapt and learn how to effectively use them.

For live videos, action speaks louder than words. Show process, not talking heads to showcase your personality.

For content, make your videos easy to understand without sound as 85% of users watch video with the sound off.

TIP: Think clips and stories, not commercials and movies when creating video content for your social platforms. The best length is between 3 to 20 seconds long.

Chatbots become brand’s best friends. According to Facebook 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses monthly. 56% of people would rather message than call customer service. Enter chatbots. Chatbots are programs built to automatically engage with received messages. They can be programmed to respond the same way each time, to respond differently to messages containing certain keywords and to even use machine learning to adapt to fit the situation. They become very helpful to both brands and potential customers and can make an impact on overall growth.

TIP: Keep chatbot experience simple for now. As they get better and learn, more sophisticated options can be implemented. Chatbots should provide unique experiences and should ensure total accuracy.

The impact of influencer marketing is real. With 49% of consumers relying on product recommendations from influencers to inspire their next purchase, it is now more important that ever to have a dedicated strategy in place for influencer relations. Influencer marketing produces 11 x higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing such as TV, print and desktop ads.

TIP: Companies need to have a strategy in place for influencer relations with a dedicated marketing budget set aside. Influencers should now be seen as publishers who have the ability to reach your target audience in a short amount of time to deliver more eyes for your brand.

Before working with influencers, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is our brand identity and what characteristics do we want the influencer to bring to life?
  • Does the influencer align with the brand? What does their engagement look like?
  • What would be a successful ROI as a result of the campaign? (Note: This could be anything from engagement and likes, click through to a website, follower increase, or even content for additional marketing/advertising use)

Top Things To Look Ahead For in 2019:

  • Video
  • Using Social Media to shop
  • Mobile will continue to grow
  • Augmented reality filters
  • Continued increase of influencer of influencers

For additional highlights from the day’s events, check out #LDPRGetsSocial on Twitter and Instagram for further insights from our guests. For the full summit coverage, view the live stream here.

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