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LDPR Social on Tap: Remix, Refresh and Relate

April 19, 2021

As the world adapts and changes, trends follow and new and exciting opportunities emerge in the digital sphere. From an emphasis on the consumer when creating content, to keeping up with the latest updates across platforms, we've rounded up some quick industry updates and tips for how to move forward with social media in Q2 2021.

Instagram Remix. For those of you who have been using Instagram Reels, you may have seen the new Remix feature that just debuted. Similar to TikTok's duet feature, Remix allows users to record a video in response to an existing Reel - creating an additional path to collaborate and engage with followers. Learn more here.

What's New with TikTok?: Similar to the IGTV Series, TikTok just unveiled TikTok Playlists that will allow the user to access related content in a single stream. This will help creators organize their content in different themes, so users can binge-watch the videos in one sitting. Read more here.

LinkedIn Launches New Ads Guide: The app has launched a new guide that will help users who are looking to advertise on the platform, including tips on image size, call-to-action options, technical requirements and more. Check out how you can maximize your on-platform campaigns here.

How to Utilize Pinterest: With features like the Shop tab and exclusive promotions, Pinterest is making it easier for brands to make money on the platform and grow their business. Here are 9 ways to capitalize on this according to

Clubhouse: Is Clubhouse on your mind, but you're not sure where to get started? Here are some ways to start interacting with the platform:

  • Connect with new writers, content creators or influencers.
  • Since Clubhouse is invite-only and and you only get a limited amount of invites, offer them to your Instagram followers as a prize for engaging with your content.
  • Create a Community with like-minded individuals.
  • Test out ideas and ask for questions or concerns from your target market.
  • Have your brand included in conversations that are already happening.
  • Offer support and expertise.
  • Make a plan to have one or more rooms a week.
  • Your co-hosts will make the room shine, so pick people who have authority on your topic and are great vocal storytellers.
  • Ask influencers to add co-host duty to their deliverables if applicable.

Video Content: Similar to last year, video continues to be a powerful tool to connect and engage with your customers. In fact, according to a recent study 93% of consumers said video is helpful when purchasing a product, with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube being the top three platforms where consumers watch them. Learn more here.

Which Influencer Is Right For You?: As the world begins to open back up, the need to tap into influencers to help tell your narrative is key, but how do you know which influencer is right for you? Whether it's a nano, micro, mid, macro or mega macro, each influencer has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here's a quick outline below:

  • Mega macro + macro influencers: They typically have large audiences which is great for exposure, however the down side is their clout comes with a lot of sponsored posts, which may produce a lower engagement rate amongst their audience.
  • Mid influencers: These influencers typically have a decent following and an average engagement rate, which make them great when you want to achieve both awareness and conversation.
  • Nano + micro influencers: Nano and micro influencers have a much smaller following, however they do have the benefit of a more targeted audience. This allows the engagement on their posts to be high, as they have a dedicated community around them. They are also great to tap into for stock lifestyle photography!

Social Conversations: As transparency and inclusivity take on a central role in the social arena, brands are using their digital platforms in a more relaxed manner. When creating content, remember to be social. Your voice should come across as if you're having a conversation with your followers, versus pushing your marketing speak. This will not only help you build conversation amongst your audience, but this will also build trust around your brand.

Utilizing user-generated content: As social platforms turn to become more relatable, it's important that you have a UGC strategy in place when building your content. Think of UGC content as your word-of-mouth recommendation. The more consumers speak about your brand and share it amongst their followers, the better. Check out some tips for how to get started below and be sure to read more here.

  • Make Your UGC Have a Purpose: You want your consumers to have a reason to share their UGC content, so first consider why your followers would interact with it. Is it to drive inspiration? Or to create conversation around a new experience? Make sure to always put your follower hat on and utilize a hashtag so that it's all in one place (see example below from GoPro on how they used a hashtag to source and inspire UGC content from their followers).
  • Be Authentic with Your UGC Strategy: Take a look at your competitors and identify what value you bring. From there, start the conversation on your own channels and encourage your followers to share their authentic experience with you.
  • Share the UGC Content: Once people begin to share the UGC content surrounding your brand, leverage it on your social media channels by asking them permission to reshare on your own. This will show your followers that you're okay from stepping away from branded content and that you are open to share community driven content.

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