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Spotlight on LDPR’s Ashley MontBlanc Day and Paige Callan

We love ending the week celebrating our talented LDPR staff and today we are thrilled to announce the promotions of Ashley MontBlanc Day to Senior Vice President and Paige Callan to Account Supervisor.

January 29, 2019

We love ending the week celebrating our talented LDPR staff and today we are thrilled to announce the promotions of Ashley MontBlanc Day to Senior Vice President and Paige Callan to Account Supervisor.

We sat down with the PR stars and asked them to reflect on the past few years at LDPR and here is what they had to say:

Ashley MontBlanc Day, Senior Vice President

Q: How long have you been with LDPR and what drew you to this agency?

“I’ve been with the agency for the past 12 years!”

Q: What has been your favorite moment over the past few years?

“There is so much to choose from, but I think overall it has to be the incredible opportunity to travel and explore the world in such a different way. From Africa and Scotland, to Montana and Australia, my career has given me the opportunity to be exposed to things in a different way that has opened up my life. It’s been really inspiring.”

Q: In your opinion, what sets LDPR apart?

“Our agency is truly a family full of creative, enthusiastic, dedicated and incredibly inspiring women. We value long-term relationships both with staff and employees. They agency devotes a lot of time and energy to employee training, growth and retention.”

Q: What are you most excited about for the next few years?

“It’s been an exciting year for LDPR with growth in our regional offices, so I’m excited to continue to expand our footprint with both our agency and client opportunities.”

Q: Looking back, what advice would you give to your past self?  

“Be. Ready. For. Anything. Our role is ever-evolving, from building dynamic strategies to dressing ponies in sweaters in the middle of Times Square for a broadcast show, you have to be ready to role with anything that comes your way… it’s keeps it exciting!”

Paige Callan, Account Supervisor

Q: What drew you to LDPR and when did you start?

“I really like meeting different types of people and having the ability to be creative and innovative, so when I was looking for an internship after college, I knew I wanted to have a job that reflected that. My grandparents lived in the Bahamas and I used to visit Atlantis, Paradise Island, a lot as a kid. When the opportunity came I looked into which PR agency represented them and came across LDPR. I joined the team as an intern back in 2012, and it’s been exciting ever since.”

Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories over the past few years?

“I loved traveling to Amangiri and Amanyara over this past year. Both of them offer an experience like no other and it was so amazing. Southern Italy has also been on my bucket-list for a really long time, so being able to be on the team for Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento gave me the opportunity to go visit this year with a group of media and it was incredible!”

Q: What is something you are known for at the agency?

“I didn’t seek it out, but through my work on various accounts, I’ve developed an interest for the meetings segment. It’s often an area that gets overlooked, but there’s so much room for creativity and it’s evolved so much over the past few years, that I really got hooked on it.”

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in the industry?

“Don’t get in your own way. I’ve gotten some really great advice over the years from a few mentors on staff who have reminded me that no idea is too crazy, you can never think too big, and that you should always give an opportunity or idea everything you’ve got.”

Q: Which destinations are on your radar for the next few years?

“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii or Spain, so I would love to make a trip out there eventually. I’ve also been really interested in volunteer trips, particularly in South America, so I’m determined to make that happen in the next two years.“

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